See Gulf Seafloor Live Through Longhorn-Led Expedition [Watch]

If you’re reading this, that means you’re not doing any kind of crazy fast from media today. And that means there’s at least a 98 percent probability that you’ve heard that today marks exactly two years since the catastrophic Deepwater Horizon oil spill began.

You’ve no doubt heard sound bites from scientists, fishermen, and natives around the Gulf of Mexico weighing in on whether things seem back to normal.

But have you seen what it really looks like underwater now?

Well, check it out. Jamie Austin, a senior research scientist at UT’s Institute for Geophysics, is leading the third leg of the 56-day expedition by the ship Okeanos Explorer.

The expedition’s aims include charting swaths of the Gulf seafloor, surveying diverse deep-sea habitats and marine life, studying natural oil and gas seeps, and even visiting shipwrecks.

With regard to the Deepwater Horizon disaster, the team is testing a new technique using sound to measure the flow of naturally occurring oil and gas seeps not far from where the namesake oil rig exploded in 2010, killing 11.

Watch live streams here. Read more on UT’s Know website.


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