Five Facts You Didn’t Know About Texas Independence Day

Break out the cowboy boots and tequila—it’s Texas Independence Day! Here are five lesser-known facts about UT and March 2:

  • UT students first celebrated Texas Independence Day in 1896—by skipping class. One year later, they shot off a canon against the University president’s wishes.
  • The Tejas Club has marked the holiday since 1981 with a champagne breakfast for special guests. Every year, students in the club cook late into the night.
  • In 1999, the last year that UT held an official celebration, a giant Texas flag ripped in the wind and fell on the group below, causing chaos.
  • Not all Texans are fans of this holiday. UT discontinued official celebrations in the 1960s (and again in 1999) when various Hispanic student groups protested, arguing that Texas Independence Day has racial overtones.
  • Texas Exes chapters around the country and the world celebrate on March 2, and the 44 parties planned started Thursday and continue through the weekend. Find your local event here.

Photo: UT celebrates on March 2, 1987.


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