Vote on Vince: Should He Do ‘Dancing With the Stars?’

By now the word is out: Texas’ favorite son, Vince Young, has been invited to compete on Dancing With the Stars.

Vince is 28 now and a quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles, but apparently he’s still looking to have a little lighthearted fun outside the NFL.

He’s talking big on Twitter, telling his trash-talking former roommate, Michael Huff, “U know I got them dancing skills.”

And his own steakhouse here in Austin tells him, “YES! You would win!”

Sure, it sounds entertaining, but isn’t there a risk of injury? Or just other pursuits—like football training—to keep him busy?

The blogosphere isn’t so sure. Austin sportswriter Cedric Golden says, “To say his career is at a crossroad would be a massive understatement. A backup quarterback who threw four interceptions in his last real action should be out hustling to regain some credibility on the football field. That’s time better spent than shaking his moneymaker on national television.”

We’ve just got to know what Longhorn Nation thinks: should Vince Young dance in a ballroom the way he dances around tackles on the field? Or should he leave it ’til retirement?

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