Spirit and Traditions Council Hosts Basketball Party

About 60 members of the Spirit and Traditions Council met at Pluckers in West Campus Monday evening to watch the Texas Longhorns basketball team take on the Aggies for what might be the last time.

The council, or “STC,” is comprised of about 20 spirit-related student organizations from across campus, including the Longhorn Band, Texas Cowboys, Orange Jackets, Forever Texas, Texas Lonestars, Texas Spirits, Hellraisers, Texas Lassos, Wrangler Darlin’s, Texas Sweethearts, Iron Spikes, Tejas Club, Longhorn Honeys, UT Student Government, and the Texas Exes Student Chapter.

Founded in 2002 and sponsored by the Texas Exes, the STC provides a forum for like-minded UT groups to share ideas and support each other, and to work together to build a sense of UT spirit and community on the campus.

The Spirit and Traditions Council has an active calendar. Each fall, at the beginning of the semester, the STC produces the Big Yell, intended to teach new students about University history and traditions. The 2011 Big Yell featured a capacity crowd in the Student Activity Center ballroom, with more than 600 students, most of them freshmen.

Recent meetings have included special guests, including former Vice President for Student Affairs Jim Vick and UT historian Margaret Berry. The STC assists the Texas Exes with senior ring promotions on campus and awards a ring scholarship to one of its members each spring.

Near the end of the academic year, the group hosts an annual STC Conference to discuss campus-wide issues and concerns, and to introduce next year’s student leaders to the group.

Above: STC Officers. From left, Matt Portillo, Tiffany Williams, Erica Flores, Evan Rowley, and David Forinash. (Not pictured: Kait Rowland.)


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