Longhorns in France

How do you transport a giant set of real Longhorns from Texas to France?

With a lot of love and persistence, it turns out. Jack Maguire, BA ’71, Life Member, sent us this family photo from Le Sentier, France.

It all started decades ago, when a friend gave the horns to Maguire’s father, Jack Sr., BJ ’44, Life Member, former executive director of the Texas Exes. Jack Jr.’s niece, Kimberleigh Collins-Peynaud, admired the horns where they hung on display in the Maguire family den.

So Jack Jr. decided to give them to Kimberleigh and her husband, Manu, as a late wedding gift. But he had a lot of trouble getting them to France.

First, Fedex and UPS said the horns were too large to ship. Then the airlines said they were too big even for an airplane’s freight compartment. Finally, Kimberleigh’s parents checked them as oversized baggage—and now they add Texas culture to a French home.

From left: Ruby Collins-Peynaud, Manu Collins-Peynaud, Jim Collins-Peynaud, Kimberleigh Collins-Peynaud, Jack Maguire, Jr., and Margaret Maguire.


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