Trending Now: Retro Photos, Futuristic Workouts, and More

Hood Scarves If there is one thing we know about college students, it’s that they love easy clothing like sweatpants. And if there’s one thing we know about UT students, it’s that they don’t deal with cold weather too well. Combine those two facts, and you find the solution: a scarf with a hood attached. Made popular by celebrities like Khloe Kardashian, whose version included cat ears, scarf-hood fusions are now the go-to for coping with Austin winter weather while rushing to class.

Pilates Reformer Treadmills? Ellipticals? They’re relics now. The newest workout fad— thanks to the likes of Madonna, Jennifer Aniston, and NBA star Jason Kidd—is the Pilates Reformer: a bench-like piece of equipment designed to create long, lean muscles by using the combination of progressive resistance of pulleys and the tried-and-true teachings of Joseph Pilates. Though RecSports has hosted a Reformer class since 2003, the on-campus classes have seen a large boost in class enrollment in the last year—so much so that they’re adding more class times. While Reformer classes can easily run you $700 out of pocket, Longhorns are capitalizing on the special $15-per-class price at Gregory Gym.

Instagram It’s the Polaroid of the present day. Instagram, a free photo-sharing iPhone app, allows UT students to snap a photo on their high-tech gadgets, then morph it into a square-shaped homage to the instant cameras they missed growing up in the ’90s. Instagram applies the filter of your choice to each photo, adding a touch of artistry to pictures posted to social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr. With nearly 14 million users, it’s safe to say this trend won’t be gone in a flash.

Top photo courtesy Spirit Hoods. Bottom photo courtesy Mama Fu’s Asian House.


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