UT School of Architecture Ranked Second in Nation

The School of Architecture is full of do-gooders, creative thinkers, and bona fide artists. It’s no wonder it’s been ranked second in the nation by DesignIntelligence, a journal reviewed by many of the industry’s most prominent figures.

Second only to Cornell University, the School of Architecture was bumped up from last year’s seventh-place ranking thanks to relatively inexpensive tuition (and it was the cheapest of the top 10 ranked schools) and stellar faculty.

Both professor Larry Speck and associate professor Hope Hasbrouck were named as two of the journal’s top 25 most admired architecture educators in the nation. Just last year, Speck was awarded the Topaz Medallion, the highest honor for an architecture educator.

Though DesignIntelligence has yet to release its exact ranking methodology, the School of Architecture has also set itself apart from the crowd with a firm belief in volunteerism. Just an example: a group of 19 students will head to Santa Rosa, Honduras with a group called Global Architecture Brigades in January to finish construction on a village center and school they helped design and build for a needy community.

To learn more about the School of Architecture’s 2012 ranking, you can buy the DesignIntelligence book here.

Architecture library photo by Valerie Cook.


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