Texas Named 5th-Fittest College in America

UT has been ranked for just about everything: academics, sports, professors, and even parties.

But here’s a new one: our beloved University has earned the title of the fifth fittest college in America, according to Men’s Fitness—proving that everything may not be bigger in Texas after all.

Thanks to its eight recreation facilities and an abundance of RecSports wellness programs, UT was ranked fifth out of 25, behind Indiana, Michigan State, UCLA, and the fittest college in America, Ohio State.

For anyone who has ever tried to grab a treadmill at Gregory Gym at 5 p.m. or hop on the Lady Bird Lake jogging trail early Saturday morning, you know this ranking is spot-on. Longhorns are constantly taking advantage of what UT, as well as the hilly terrain of Austin, has to offer.

While we may know how fit UT is through sheer observation, Men’s Fitness used the following three-part formula to determine its top contenders:

  • Fitness Index: the number of athletic clubs, gyms, basketball courts, and lap pools, the number of NCAA titles and whether there is a fitness requirement for graduation.
  • Nutrition Index: if a nutritionist is available to students; how many fast food restaurants are on campus; whether calories are posted online, and number of bars within a mile radius of the school.
  • Campus Index: the number of health and fitness majors offered, the mean on-campus temperature and annual percentage of sunshine (both factors in getting students outdoors).

Photo: Marathoner, triathlete, and diehard UT alum CJ Dungan, BS ’07. Courtesy CJ Dungan.


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