Things UT Students Will Do to Avoid Studying [Watch]

A group of UT students have taken procrastination to new heights in a wacky viral video.

One night last week, John Warder and his roommates were all studying dutifully in their living room, listening to Christmas music on the online radio player Pandora.

“This really ridiculous song came on, and I said, ‘Guys, we have to make a video to this song,'” Warder says.

Textbooks forgotten, they set about choreographing dances and enlisting their girlfriends to help.

The resulting video, “Study Break Holiday Style,” shows a group of holiday fanatics whose enthusiasm for the season is matched only by their incompetence at basic tasks, like pouring coffee or hanging ornaments on a tree.

Warder posted the video on Internet forum Reddit, where it briefly reached the #1 most-viewed video spot and garnered almost 700 comments (our favorites: “Amazing how much time and effort you can waste on anything to avoid studying,” and “I was feeling horribly depressed, but this made my day!”).

“I’m really pumped that we made people smile,” says Warder, a junior radio-television-film major who says his dream job is to write for Saturday Night Live.


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