Photoshop Billboard Is Back

Remember the Photoshop billboard wars from this summer? You know, during the conference realignment brouhaha.

There was the one where the Aggies tried to stick it to Baylor for threatening to sue if A&M left the Big 12 with a message that read: “Thou shall not covet they neighbor’s conference deal.”

Or the real billboard that said basically the same thing. Or the many Photoshopped responses from Texas fans that read: “Thou shall not covet thy neighbor’s TV network.”

Here’s the latest one, hot off the news that A&M has fired Mike Sherman and is currently leaderless as it heads into the SEC. It reads:

Firing your Coach: $5 million+

Leaving your Conference: $20 million+

Going to the SEC with no coach and no clue: Priceless.

Feel free to add your own Photoshop billboard in the comments.



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