Fans Unite on Twitter to #BeatOU

While the outcome on the field wasn’t what we had hoped for, those in the Twitter world were asked to use the hashtag #BeatOU this weekend and the Twitter conversation rocked!

Below are some of our favorites. Can you guess at what points in the game each were posted?

MDavidson283: Loving all the “inexperienced” commentary. Except you forgot about Fozzy. #BeatOU

OhHeyBrockette: C’mon TEXAS. #beatOU #HOOKEMHORNS!!!!

brettoconnor: oklahoma uses third timeout already. texas has all three… #beatou

k_coleee: All of ou’s players are obviously from the great state of TEXAS. oklahoma’s lame #BeatOU

GStevenson3: I REALLY like this Texas team. Case McCoy looks like a stud and HB Whittaker is much improved. OC is a great coach. #HookEm #BeatOU

Peake_A_Leake7: I love hearing McCoy to Shipley again #hookem #beatOU

TheTrueSandy: Are you friggin’ kidding me!?!? #beatOU

Clairetmorris: Ooooohhh Mack is mad. #BeatOU

Now, how about we tailgate and #BeatOSU next weekend back at home? Tweet at @TexasExes and join the conversation on our Facebook page as you watch the game.


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