Comedian Michael Ian Black Performs at Texas Union

“Austin is like that girl in high school—you know, the girl who doesn’t know she’s hot. But Austin knows. Now, Omaha may be the girl who doesn’t know she’s hot. But Austin knows, and that is why Austin is annoying.”

The comedic stylings of Michael Ian Black, a stand-up comedian made famous by roles on Reno 911! and Ed, filled the Texas Union Ballroom last night.

Almost 600 students came out to see the deadpan, sarcastic comedic routine that Black is known for. In addition to poking fun at the Music and Events Committee members who hosted the show, Black took some shots at the Lone Star State.

“I don’t get to come to Texas very often, well, basically because there is no reason to,” he joked.

The majority of Black’s material isn’t as tame—his crude takes on strip clubs, his honeymoon to Amsterdam, and even skydiving had the crowd laughing at his outlandishness.

Black was just the latest act to perform on the UT campus. Using $45.44 of student tuition for the Texas Union fee, the Students Event Center has been able to recruit other famous names, including Zach Braff last January.

Maybe one of the reasons celebrities come is that UT is so universally beloved by—or at least, that’s how it is in Black’s case.

“I have nothing but affection for the University of Texas,” he said sarcastically backstage. “It is my favorite school ever.”

And his thoughts on the big game this weekend?

“Who is OU?” he asked.

I laughed at the unintended dig at UT’s rival, and told him it was the University of Oklahoma.

“Oh, well. Whichever ones you guys are. I’m rooting for you. Always.”

Photo by Jeff Heimsath


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