‘Thou Shalt Not Covet Thy Neighbor’s Network Deal’ (Top Comments of the Week)

Conference catfights, the never-ending Longhorn Network saga, and a billboard of Biblical proportions: there was plenty of sports news this week to rile up Longhorn fans (and plenty of other news, too). Chime in on our site and on Twitter and Facebook!

Commenter “opie” shared his or her version of this comic billboard: Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s network deal.

We were starstruck when @ChipBrown retweeted our story on contention in the Big 12. Jason Sacher wasn’t surprised by the story: Of course Arky isn’t interested. WTH would they leave the stability and power of the SEC for the turmoil and disaster looming in the B12?

When we posted that story on Facebook, we asked readers, “What’s next for the Big 12 and Texas?” Wendy Hopper Cohen scoffed: Well, if the Longhorn Network ends up covering more on this story then we’ll never know!

Matthew McConaughey’s new commercial for the Longhorn Network had readers up in arms due to the actor’s backwards Hook ’em sign. Technique, Matthew, technique! Brian Cook got a chorus of “likes” when he said, If he’s going to be our spokesperson, he needs to learn the correct way to put his horns up.

Todd Dwyer, however, recalled McConaughey’s notorious naked bongo incident: During the shoot, McConaughey was heard to ask the director repeatedly, “Should I take my shirt off for this take?”

Lisa Johnson loves us on Twitter! The Sept/Oct issue of @TheAlcalde could be the best one yet. Loved the article on the evolution of the Longhorn logo.

Thanks, Richard Heller, for contributing to Texas Exes scholarships!

Kaitlyn Backhaus, we’re just as excited to have you as a reader as you are to get your first issue: Received my 1st @TheAlcalde in the mail! The magazine is such a great way to stay connected to the University as a Life Member of @TexasExes

Sharon Grafton Hargraves had a great time at the Alumni Center tailgating before last Saturday’s game. We hope she joins us tomorrow, too! Fantastic time at the game last night. Glad we made the trip from Tennessee. There is no place like Austin and the Ex-students’ building to hang out in before the game. always tell my Tennessee friends that we graduated from the REAL UT.

Creative Commons illustration by alvaro tapia hidalgo via Flickr.


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