Orange & White Welcome Gets Students Hooked on Texas Exes

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No matter the event or the era, two magic words will always bring college students in droves: Free food.

Around 1,000 UT students answered the siren call of free sandwiches and pizza—plus a little useful information about the Texas Exes Student Chapter—at the Alumni Center last week. They showed up for the Student Chapter’s Orange & White Welcome, an annual event to welcome students back to campus and share the chapter’s resources.

“At this event, students find out that the Alumni Center is a home for them on campus. They learn that you don’t have to be an alum yet to be part of the Texas Exes,” says Taylor Nyberg, Texas Exes student relations coordinator.

In addition to putting on the wildly popular Camp Texas every summer, the Texas Exes and the Student Chapter also organize the Hex Rally and Torchlight Parade.

“Most students don’t know that in addition to the pep rallies, we also do great networking events,” said Nyberg. “It’s rare for students to connect with alumni in a field that interests them, and we offer that.”

Melinda Louque, a freshman nursing major, laughed with a group of friends while waiting in line for free swag from local merchants. “I’m impressed by how organized this event is,” she said. “I’ve been to similar events for other organizations, but this is going so smoothly. I’ll definitely be back.”

Photos by Thomas Allison


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