College Is Worth It, New High School Grads Say

A new survey of 2010 high school graduates confirms what many young people will already tell you: Though paying for college is often a burden, students are still confident that it’s a worthwhile investment.

The College Board surveyed 1,507 recent high school grades, 86 percent of whom said they believe a college degree is worth the time and money. Five in nine students said that paying for college was very or pretty challenging.

Other notable findings:

  • Forty-four percent of students said they wished they had taken different courses in high school. Most wished they had taken more math, science, and writing-intensive courses to prepare for college.
  • Only 49 percent of students believed high school had done a good job preparing them for college and the working world.
  • Among students who were not currently enrolled in college, 76 percent still said a college degree was a worthwhile investment.

See more coverage of the survey here and here.


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