“How Much Does it Take to Confuse an Aggie?” (Top Comments of the Week)

We couldn’t agree more with Trident Military Education‘s response to our story on what new high school grads think about college: A college education has other benefits besides the tangible one of a high salary. Some people enjoy learning for the sake of learning … A degree also shows prospective employers that the candidate is tenacious and has the ability to set a goal and execute it. Well said!

We’ve heard from a number of you about this comical billboard, which at first we suspected was a Photoshop. The billboard pictured in that story is a ‘shop, but Holly and other readers pointed out that there’s a real one, too: This thing is real. Saw it on I-35 between Dallas and Austin today.

Frank Schiffel weighed in after reading our story on a wildly successful undergraduate research program: “…There is no reason why undergraduates can’t publish. Even if they do nothing but crunch the numbers, it’s still learning about doing research … Great to see this being done.”

President Powers expressed ‘delight’ that the Big 12 will stay together, but some of you were less than thrilled. Chadwick Lyne said: He’s as “delighted” as any girl that got ditched by her date a few minutes before the prom would be.

Our story on a group of proud Longhorns celebrating in Aggie country got lots of love. When we described how the Brazos Valley Texas Exes Chapter confused a bunch of Aggies by singing “The Eyes of Texas” in a College Station restaurant, Emily Heckmann Konkle said: How much does it take to confuse an Aggie, anyway? 😉

Stephani Espinoza wasn’t impressed by our story on how older adults make wiser decisions: @TheAlcalde I would hope the older you get, you make better decisions, lol! what kind of study is this? #wasteofresources

On Twitter, we got a shout-out from BevoBall: Just got around to reading the story in @TheAlcalde about the #Longhorn logo. Interesting stuff! #hookem #horns #weretexas


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