Meet a Texas Exes Scholar: Jonathan Liu

The Texas Exes Awards for Scholarship and Leadership have long been the Association’s most prestigious and generous scholarships. Today’s Texas Exes Scholars are tomorrow’s leaders. Learn more about the program here.

1.    What is your proudest accomplishment of your college career thus far and why?

I totally broke 1,000 Facebook friends! Throughout my college career, I have expanded my professional network to include people from every walk of life and every unique job industry in the world. I have in my network classmates on their way to the top of corporate America; distinguished professors with a wide base of knowledge and experiences; international peers who read, write, and speak four, five, and six different languages; and individuals who have dedicated their lives to helping others. My network includes a long and vast list of extremely diverse and talented people with dreams of changing the world. Developing this network is one of my proudest and most privileged accomplishments of my college career.

2.    What’s one way that being a Texas Exes Scholar has changed you?

Being a Texas Exes Scholar meant buying my very first business suit. I was overwhelmed. “Why are there so many pockets in this jacket?” “What are these buttons for?” “How 007 am I right now?” When I pulled on the jacket, cinched up the tie, and walked the long hall into my TEA interview, I instantly learned the definition of professionalism. My panel was comprised of ten amazing people who made me feel welcome in an environment that was totally foreign to me.  This first foray into a professional atmosphere has given me confidence for all of the interviews that I’ve had since and has helped me succeed on campus and in my internship.

3.    What have you enjoyed most about being involved with the Texas Exes? Why?

The opportunity to rub elbows with incredible people is one of the Texas Exes’ greatest gifts to me. For the last three years I have had the privilege of attending the Distinguished Alumnus Awards, and each year is more humbling than the next. To see some of the best, brightest, and most influential people today and hear their journeys on the Forty Acres is an amazing thing. They are burnt orange trailblazers and their stories motivate me to always strive for the highest.

4.    What has you the most excited for next year? Why?

Restaurant Week. It is so hard to believe that I am now going into my fourth and final year at The University of Texas and I still haven’t attended SXSW, seen the Congress Avenue bats, or stuffed myself during Austin Restaurant Week! While I’m excited to try all of these Austin attractions, I am equally excited to spend another year with my friends exploring the city, attending football games, playing Capture the Flag at the Capitol, canoeing on Lady Bird Lake, and eating in local Austin hole-in-the-wall restaurants and food trailers before we go our separate paths. It’s going to be the best year yet.




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