Drought Dries Up Attendance—And Budget—At Wildflower Center

Along with cactus and tumbleweed, the flowers at the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center continue to flourish despite the summer heat. It’s the drought of visitors, however, that poses the biggest threat to their survival.

Of its budget, which includes revenue from the gift store and café, 30 percent comes from admissions alone. But a decline in these funds doesn’t just affect maintenance of the flowers themselves.

In addition to its gardens, the Wildflower Center also holds educational events, such as an informal class about the conservation of wildflowers and programs like “First Bloom,” which teaches children about garden maintenance and plant survival.

According to the center, which does not receive government funding except for specific grant programs, $100,000 in donations are needed by August 31.

These donations can be mailed or made online here.

Photo by Ron Sprouse. Courtesy the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center.


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