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Job Interview Follow-Up: Five Tips

A firm handshake, a final thank you, and you’re out the door. Time to breathe a sigh of relief that your job interview is over—right?

Wrong. What you do after the interview can be just as important as your conduct during it, says Texas Exes Career Services director Jennifer Duncan.

1. Be prompt. Send an email thank-you note by the next day. Employers will likely be impressed by your punctuality, and if they’re making a decision quickly your note could nudge you to the top of the pile. Handwritten cards still add a personal touch—feel free to send one of those, too—but a quick email shows that you’re on the ball.

2. Be enthusiastic. When in doubt about whether to send that extra email or make another call, err on the side of making the contact. As long as you’re tactful, it’s unlikely you’ll be a pest. Being proactive shows how much you want the job.

3. Be personal. At the end of the interview, ask everyone you’ve met for a business card. Then send individual thank-you notes to each person, making sure to spell all names and job titles correctly.

4. Be nice. Treat receptionists and admin staff with extra respect. You never know who could influence a hiring decision.

5. Be prepared. Always leave an interview with clear expectations for the next step. Ask, “When do you expect to have someone on board?” Plan to wait a little longer than that before inquiring about your own status.


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