Flying Longhorns Cruise the Mediterranean

Whether it’s Ecuador or Peru, Ireland or China, the Flying Longhorns have no bounds. Their most recent excursion took 57 Texas Exes on a luxury cruise through the Mediterranean Sea with stops in France, Italy, Monaco, Greece, and Turkey.

The 10-day sightseeing adventure gave alumni the opportunity to visit the monuments of Rome, the ruins of Turkey, and the sea caves of Greece among numerous other things. Each excursion seemed to provide a beautiful picture opportunity.

Texas Exes graphic designer Jamie Appel accompanied the Flying Longhorns, and said it was the absolute beauty of each stop that stood out to her.

“[The trip] was moving because these towns were practically carved out the tops of mountains,” said Appel. “Then you look out on the water and it’s electric blue. I didn’t know it was going to be this beautiful.”

The Flying Longhorns take more than 30 trips each year, and each is open to all Texas Exes members and their friends and family. Upcoming trips include outings to Alaska, Switzerland and Italy, and a cruise of the Danube River.

Photos courtesy Jamie Appel



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