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John DalyHigh school coasts by, and while good teachers inspire us there, college professors are — for many of us — the ones who begin to complicate our understanding of the world, in the best possible way.

When we asked a few months ago which UT professors inspired Texas Exes most, we got a flood of responses on Facebook.

From those responses and other feedback, we pulled together our inaugural “Texas 10” — essentially a list of the greatest professors, lecturers, and instructors at the University, with sharp photos and a description of what makes each unique.

Fittingly, we published the list in our special May|June Education Issue (gotten your copy yet?). Perennial stars John Daly and Tim Loving made the list, along with eight others from every discipline from English to engineering.

But we wanted to do more, so we’ve created a special URL where you can share the story of your favorite UT prof. It’s

There’s room to go into more detail than in a Facebook comments section, and quite a few people have already taken advantage of that. It’s moving to read how their lives were changed. Check it out.

You can also nominate teachers for the Texas Exes Teaching Awards here.

Photo of John Daly by Jay B Sauceda


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