Snowfall On The Forty Acres (Slideshow)

Ranking right up there with seeing the albino squirrel, today was one of those glorious, elusive days in a UT student’s college career — a snow day.

The University of Texas sent a text message out at 5:10 a.m. with the news that campus was closed for the day, but some students had declared it a snow day hours earlier — the Statesman caught a few students playing on campus in the early-morning hours as the snow was first beginning to stick.

Regular contributor to The Alcalde, Iris Camille Claudio, a graduate student in advertising and a native of Puerto Rico, snapped these fantastic photos of a white Forty Acres, taking full advantage of her second-ever snow day (the first being last year when Austin saw a few flakes fall).

I, myself, remember some wintry weather delaying the start of my junior year for a few days. Snow fell on one of them, but hardly stuck the way it did today. Did you get to experience a snow day while you were a student? Was it pandemonium? Tell us about it in the comments! 



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