Food Fight! UT Historian Remembers A Battle Of The Ages In Jester Cafeteria (Watch)

Texas Exes historian Jim Nicar was just a freshman in 1984 when a flyer posted all over Jester Center caught his eye.

The first John Belushi Memorial Food Fight, it said, would take place on a spring night, and it was fully authorized by the Division of Housing and Food (spoiler alert: it wasn’t really).

“There wasn’t a seat to be found in the second floor cafeteria,” Nicar says of the legendary night. Some people even showed up armed with umbrellas and trash-bag ponchos.

At 5:45 on the dot, Nicar says, the first bit of food was thrown and madness ensued. Watch UT’s video to hear the whole story, and leave us a comment if you remember this or other campus dining food fights. Bonus points — and a place in UT history — if you fess up to a role in organizing it.



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