UT MBA Students Spoof SNL With ‘Gettin’ My MBA’ Video (Watch)

Gettin' My MBA videoSome industrious and obviously not-that-stressed-out first-year MBA students have shot, produced, and released a video spoofing a popular Saturday Night Live digital short. You should watch it right now.

The video called “Gettin’ My MBA” spoofs a certain SNL short featuring Andy Samberg with lyrics that rhyme with “biz in my rants.”

Here’s a sample line: “I went to business school to figure out my destiny. I quit my job and now I don’t know what I want to be. You may think I’m crazy because all I do is study. I drink a lot but here we call that networking.”

Be sure to watch until the end, where they show the bloopers (and the credits).

Well done, MBAs. If it doesn’t work out with corporate work, maybe you can get some acting gigs.



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