Head Coach In Waiting Gets Tired Of Wait

Will MuschampIn a Saturday-night stunner, Will Muschamp is leaving UT football to become head coach at the University of Florida.

Muschamp had worked as defensive coordinator at Texas for three seasons, and Mack Brown made plain back in 2008 that he wanted Muschamp to succeed him as head coach.

In a statement, Muschamp said he enjoyed his time at Texas, and Florida was the only job that could have made him leave.

More than anything, Muschamp said, he wanted to thank Brown.

“I’m so grateful for the opportunity he gave me and my family and all the guidance,” Muschamp said in a statement. “He is the best in the business and I really can’t say enough about everything he did to help prepare me for this. He really wanted it to work out for me to be the future coach at Texas, but this was just an opportunity I couldn’t pass up.”

Personal reasons were at play along with professional ones, he added. “It’s close to my family and my wife’s family, and like Texas, Florida is just a tremendous place in a great conference.”



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