A Pictorial History Of UT Student Protests [Slideshow]

UT student protesters

Time for some Friday afternoon Scenes of Disobedience.

This week saw UT students stage a walkout and rally to protest budget cuts to various ethnic-studies centers within the College of Liberal Arts.

This is an age-old tradition, one that stretches all the way back to the University’s dusty beginnings. 

Our diligent Alcalde photo intern, Humberto Jaimes, went digging through the archive to find photos of previous campus protests.

The contentious expansion of the stadium in the late ’60s and the resulting fight over Waller Creek and its old trees is pretty well known, as are the Vietnam-era anti-war protests.

But who knew there was an Austin Tea Party in 1985? Or that protesters used to hold signs saying, “Don’t force us to go to O.U.”

Take a guided tour through the walkouts and demonstrations of yesteryear.



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