A Look Inside Vince Young’s Swanky New Steakhouse (Slideshow)

Vince YoungVince Young is in Austin this weekend for the grand opening of his steakhouse, the aptly named Vince Young Steakhouse.

Stepping inside is like stepping into a legend, where it’s fourth-and-five but you always know you’ll make it.

The restaurant is a partnership between Young, who lends his name, and Executive Chef Philip Brown, who brings the culinary chops. Brown’s wife, Laura McIngvale-Brown, is also a partner.

The three first met when Young was shopping for furniture at Houston’s Gallery Furniture, owned by Laura’s father, Jim “Mattress Mack” McIngvale. In time, the three decided to open a restaurant.

“This is a dream come true,” Young said at the unveiling. “I love coming back home, and this is going to make me come back even more.”

The 100-year-old building that was once the Real World Austin house and, before that, a produce warehouse feels wonderfully updated.

Action shots of He-Who-Should-Have-Won-The-Heisman adorn the walls. Sleek metal-chain curtains, a subtle burnt orange in their glint, separate sections of the dining area. There are wine racks everywhere — Vince, it turns out, has become something of a wine connoisseur.

The private, VIP “10 Room” features a football-shaped table that seats, yes, 10, and a flat-screen TV for watching games. Bottles of wine, hand-picked and signed by Young, line one wall. Anyone who buys a bottle in the “10 Room” gets to take it home, along with a signed note from VY.

Inside the 3rd Street entrance stands a golden-tiled longhorn in front of a giant photo of Young celebrating after the 2006 Rose Bowl. There’s also a big bar and lounge with TVs. Kids who come in with their parents will be provided iPads to keep them entertained.

Young, 27, lives in Nashville, Tenn., where he plays quarterback for the Tennessee Titans. He led the Texas Longhorns to the 2005 National Championship over USC with one of the greatest Rose Bowl performances ever.

The Austin restaurant is Young’s first, but he envisions opening more in other cities. He chose to open a steakhouse, he said, because, well, he loves steak.

“Growing up in Houston, I didn’t eat a lot of steaks,” Young said. “But once I got to UT, that’s all we ate.”

The restaurant opens to the public Nov. 6. and will be staying open late on gamedays.

Maybe if some of the current Longhorn squad dines in, that Vince Young magic will rub off on them. Here’s hoping!

Take a look inside. Photos by Iris Camille Claudio/The Alcalde.



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