How UT Alumni Are Impacting Globalization [The Seminar]

Texas Exes panel discussionAre you curious about globalization? Are you a burgeoning business maven? Is it your life goal to take on the world one merger or acquisition at a time?

If you answered yes to these questions, you should attend “How UT Alumni are Impacting Globalization” at the Etter-Harbin Alumni Center on Sept. 15.

The Texas Exes Austin Professionals have roped in five leading business folks — executives at Dell, HomeAway, Bazaarvoice, LifeSize Communications, and UBS Financial Services — to participate in a panel discussion on globalization and answer all your questions. Anyone is welcome.

“We get the full spectrum of experience levels, from entry-level to post-retirement,” said Jennifer Duncan, director of career services for the Texas Exes. “We’ve had people attend who haven’t been in this building for 25 years.”

The program itself is set to run from 6:30-8:30, though there will be free appetizers, as well as a cash bar, beginning at 5:30 and continuing until 9. Previous seminars like this have drawn up to 100 people, and seating is limited.

So sign up right now. It’s cheaper if you’re a member of the Texas Exes, so if you’re not one, get that taken care of first.

Who’s speaking:

Guest Moderator

Michael Wyszkowski, MBA ’03, Senior Manager, Global Customer Reporting Solutions – Dell, Inc.

Guest Panelists

Carl Shepherd, MBA ’76, Co-Founder and Chief Strategy & Development Officer – HomeAway, Inc.

Mike Svatek, ’98, Chief Product Officer – Bazaarvoice

Megan Lueders, ’98, Director of Worldwide Marketing – LifeSize Communications

Dustin Elliott, BBA ’05, Account Vice President in Advisory & Brokerage Services – UBS Financial Services, Inc.

On the agenda:

1) How does the global economy impact your business?

2) What is the most amusing cross-cultural misunderstanding you’ve experienced?

3) How do you attract, hire, and retain the best people for global opportunities?

4) How is organizational culture shaped by globalization?

5) How should companies counter threats and sustain competitive advantage?

6) What are the obstacles to success? The obvious, the mundane, and the unexpected.


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