The Alcalde July|August Issue Cover [Unveiled]

The Alcalde July|August issue coverThe July|August issue of The Alcalde will be arriving in mailboxes this week, so here’s what to look for when sifting your mail.

We took the photo that became the cover image on the East mall at Speedway at about 10 p.m. Students walking by were pretty weirded out by us using strobe lights and taking pictures of a police pole, but whatever.

The image features a bit of Photoshop magic. We cut out the yellow pole and placed it on a black-and-white version of the same shot to make it stand out.

Our Special Report on campus crime, pulled together by Assistant Editor Rebecca Fontenot, documents two close calls with aspiring gunmen, how UTPD trains women to defend themselves, the reasons behind rampant bike theft, and the various dangers of West Campus.

UTPD even let us ride along with one of their K-9 units for a night and see up close how a police dog can dramatically change a dangerous situation.

Special thanks to Bill Carson for his vision and his Photoshop skills, as well as Kris Bruinsslot and the folks in Texas Monthly’s production department for enduring round after round of proofs.




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