Life Member Leigh Cambre Wants To Be The Next Oprah

It’s on Leigh Cambre’s bucket list to be interviewed on three national media programs in one week…for something good.

How about accomplishing that and following it up by hosting his own program? Sign him up, Leigh says!

Oprah may give the former Longhorn Singer and orientation advisor that opportunity with an upcoming reality show on her new television network, the Oprah Winfrey Network. 

On May 14, Oprah announced her search for TV’s next big star. On Your OWN Show, nine contestants will compete against each other for the chance to win their own talk show. 

Fans can vote in one of those nine contestants from online videos, and Leigh is hoping to secure that spot.

You can view his video here, where he touts his Longhorn pride, his love of ice cream and talking, and his ideas for his show, absoluteLEIGH.

He’s already got the show all planned out. AbsoluteLEIGH will be about living openly, honestly, and boldly. Leigh will have celebrity interviews, hidden camera situations, skits, interaction with a live audience, surprises, a dose of education and positive messages, and of course, pretty people (“because who doesn’t like looking at pretty people? Hello”). 

Want to see a Longhorn be TV’s next big star? Vote for Leigh here. You can vote as many times a day as you like. Leigh suggests shooting for 1,000 times a day… Come on, he’s even found shortcuts to make it easy! 

Or you can give Leigh a run for his money at an open casting call June 12 at Kohl’s in Plano.  



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