Anonymous Donor Recognizes 2009 Longhorns Football Team With Tribute Tile

Tile recognizing 2009 Texas Longhorns football teamAn anonymous donor has chosen to recognize the 2009 Texas Longhorns football team for its outstanding season and appearance in the BCS National Championship with a bank of tiles on the Alumni Center grounds.

The tribute features a small brick tile for each player and coach with his name on it, as well as a large central tile with the inscription: “In recognition of the 2009 Big XII Champion Longhorn football team, for an exceptional season, for representing the University with pride and class and for never giving up.”

The bank of tiles has been installed on the south side of the Alumni Center grounds, just outside the main entrance to the building.

Head Coach Mack Brown stopped by recently for the unveiling. In talking with the donor and with Texas Exes executive director Jim Boon, Brown said the tribute was both touching and fitting for a team that might well have won the National Championship had things gone just a bit differently.

“We were a national championship team whose quarterback got hurt,” Brown said. “Simple as that.”

While tiles aren’t the same as the big trophy, at least the 2009 team will be remembered and celebrated indefinitely here at the Alumni Center.

Be sure to check out the tiles next time you’re on campus or here for Game Day.




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