UT Dedicates Dell Pediatric Research Institute

The University dedicated the Dell Pediatric Research Institute today.

Located next to Dell Children’s Medical Center in Central Austin, DPRI will allow for collaboration among UT researchers and Dell Children’s doctors, a critical link in the process of shepherding new technology from the laboratory to the hospital bed.

Faculty, research assistants, and students from the College of Pharmacy and Department of Nutritional Sciences are already hard at work at the institute, researching in areas that include cancer, genetics, nutritional science, drug development, and neuroscience.

Their goals are to enable advances in prevention and treatment of childhood obesity, cancer, diabetes, birth defects, brain injury, epilepsy, and autism.

“Cures for Kids” on UT’s website details some of the projects already underway, like John DiGiovanni and Stephen Hursting’s studies on the impact of childhood obesity on cancer development and progression and Zhengrong Cui’s development of a method for delivering vaccines through the skin, which would be less painful and more effective.

For more information on the DPRI and its research initiatives, check out its website here



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