Students Raise Disease Awareness With Car Smashing

Several medically-related student organizations on campus have joined together for Global Health Awareness Week and set up tables on the East Mall today for the fifth annual Global Health Fair.

This year’s prize for ingenuity goes to pre-med society Alpha Phi Sigma.

The students set up a junker car, donated by Austin VeeDub, and spray-painted it with the names of various diseases — diabetes, heart disease, alcohol and drug addiction, obesity, AIDS.

For $1, passers-by were then offered the chance to smash the car with a baseball bat.

“It’s symbolic of wanting to beat the diseases,” volunteer coordinator Samantha Sales said.

This is the first year Alpha Phi Sigma has offered students this unique outlet to vent their frustrations; proceeds will go to the Baylor International Pediatric Aids Initiative.

The group will be raising even more money to fight pediatric AIDS this coming Monday, when Pluckers will donate a portion of its nightly profits.

Check out a few of the students going at it in the video below:



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