Eco-Consultant And Texas Ex Anna Clark Lives Every Day Like It’s Earth Day

Happy Earth Day, readers.

Of course, for some Exes, like Anna Clark, Earth Day is every day. 

Clark began her eco-conscious journey in 2005 as she was pregnant with her first child. 

She said she felt an overwhelming desire to make the world a better place for her child, and was especially moved — to tears, even — at the plight of walruses fending off rising water levels in the Arctic.

“It was right about the time I had my daughter,” she admits, “so it could have been the hormones.”

It was enough, though, to call her to action. Clark began learning about environmental issues and took a sharp left turn in her daily habits.

She not only leads by example now with her eco-friendly lifestyle, she’s also encouraging others (even the non-green folks) through an eco-consulting business, EarthPeople, and her just-released book, Green, American Style.

Today, we put our horns up for Anna Clark and the many other Longhorns who work every day to protect our planet.

It’s just one way Texas Exes are changing the world. 

Your May/June Alcalde should be in your mailbox within the next week, and inside you’ll find out more about Clark in the feature story, “Painting the Town Green.” 


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