Does McCoy Have What It Takes To Be An NFL QB? ESPN’s Jon Gruden Weighs In

Colt McCoy may have been king of the Forty Acres, but when it comes to the NFL Draft April 22-24, he’s just one of several top quarterbacks up for grabs. 

Jon Gruden, ESPN Monday Night Football analyst and former NFL head coach, sat down with McCoy, Sam Bradford, Tim Tebow, and Jimmy Clausen to give the guys a few pointers on making it in the big leagues.

His advice airs in a SportsCenter special, Gruden’s QB Camp, tonight at 6 p.m. (central) on ESPN. 

McCoy tells Gruden he’ll be ready because no one loves the game more than him and no one prepares more than him. “That’s what got me to the top,” he says. “That’s what made me compete at a high level and help my team win 45 games.”

Gruden warns him about some trash talking he can expect in the huddle from his veteran teammates — especially if he doesn’t lose that southern drawl.

“Do you yodel?” Gruden teases.

McCoy shows Gruden the humor, gratitude, and determination that secured him a place in Texas fans’ hearts.

And Gruden says he hopes he toughened his skin a bit.

“I want to see you take a can of Raid from underneath the garbage, and you just spray Raid all over these cockroaches that are trying to blitz you,” he tells McCoy.

Check out part of Gruden’s chat with McCoy here, and tune in to ESPN tonight to see how McCoy stacks up against his competition.


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