Tower To Glow Orange (A Call For Photos)

UT Tower lit orange

Go ahead and take a minute to gaze at this photo of the Tower all lit up. Soak it in.

I remember seeing pictures of the last time it shined with the No. 1 — in 2006 when the football team beat USC. Maybe you remember it? I was living in Dallas at the time and didn’t get to see the Tower all orange in person. Even still, the photos gave me chills.

Tonight the Tower will again bathe in that heavenly orange glow, and again the 1 will show in the windows on all four sides. That’s because our men’s swim team once again brought home the national championship (that’s 10, and counting).

A big congratulations to the team and to Coach Eddie Reese. They are class-acts.

If you’re in Austin, be sure to behold the Tower in all its orange splendor tonight. If you’re feeling motivated, snap a photo or two.

Send me your best shot at We just might use it in our next issue of the magazine. And who knows, you might just give someone somewhere the chills.


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