The Eyes Of Texas Are On Your iPhone

While UT’s on the tips of everyone’s tongues this week, the University debuted an application for iPhones and iPod Touches today to keep Orangebloods in touch year-round.

The app is free to download and was designed with students, faculty, alumni, and visitors all in mind. With news, campus maps, the UT directory, event calendars, President Powers’ blog, and more, the app is worth a download, especially as fans head to Pasadena for the National Championship this Thursday.

Here are five reasons to add UT to your iPhone:

5. The news feature keeps you on the pulse of new research findings.

4. The campus map is perfect for incoming students, visitors, and alumni. GPS can pinpoint your location on the map and you can select any building to see a photo of its exterior. Plus, students debating between walking or waiting on a bus can click on a stop to see the shuttle schedules.

3. The scramble puzzles of Big Bertha, Bevo, the Tower, and Hook ’em are perfect for passing the time on flights to Pasadena.

2. The extras tab features lyrics and audio of favorite Longhorn Band songs, of course including “The Eyes of Texas.” Never hurts to have that cued at your fingertips. Especially when surrounded by Crimson (of the Bama or Oklahoma variety). 

1. It has rosters, schedules, scores, and more for each UT athletic team — a digital program perfect for impressing fellow fans with your detailed knowledge of all the Longhorn teams.



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