Colt McCoy Wins AT&T National Player Of The Year Award

Ah, sweet redemption. Colt McCoy may not have won the Heisman Trophy (again), despite being without question the most valuable player in college football (again), but he did just win the next-best award.

McCoy is this year’s AT&T National Player of the Year. And what’s worth noting about this award is that it is chosen entirely by the fans. No sports writers. No pundits. Just the fans.

After Colt (we fans refer to him as Colt) went out with an injury early in the BCS National Championship game, the entire burnt-orange nation felt sorry for him. The amazing thing was, he didn’t.

Where 99 percent of the world population would likely have been bitter, angry, and disappointed in his position, Colt just accepted it and moved on. He even came back out of the tunnel, strapped on a headset, and stood on the sideline to do what he could to help his team win.

That’s class. That’s bravery. That’s being the National Player of the Year.

Fans, you chose right.

Tidbit: For the third time in the last six years, the winner of the AT&T National Player of the Year is a Longhorn. Running back Cedric Benson won it in 2004 and quarterback Vince Young won in 2005.



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