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Todd Humphreys: Don’t Overregulate Drones

Todd Humphreys is an assistant professor of aerospace engineering and engineering mechanics in the Cockrell School of Engineering at The University of Texas at...


Editor’s Letter: Not Just for the Coffee Table

Whatever you do, do not place this issue of the Alcalde onto your coffee table and forget about it. You should really read it all the way through. I know that the...


Up in the Air [Watch]

In our November|December feature on drones, “Up in the Air,” we lay out the complex landscape of risks, regulations, and potential brought by the rise...



Up in the Air

The drone revolution isn’t coming—it’s already here. Can UT expertise help us navigate the future? The stadium was buzzing. It was a balmy day in...


In Chilling Demo, UT GPS Expert Hijacks a Yacht at Sea [Watch]

UT engineer and GPS expert Todd Humphreys has long been an outspoken voice for the relatively new problem of GPS security. In 2011, Humphreys demonstrated how scarily...


UT Professor Warns Congress About Drone Hacking

When a team of students from UT’s Radionavigation Lab successfully hacked into a drone’s GPS system back in June, lab director Todd Humphreys hoped...

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