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Bonded to the Arts

Raymond Benson, BFA ’78, is an artistic jack-of-all-trades. From writing James Bond novels to directing plays, this longtime creative says flexibility and enthusiasm...



Voices of Free Minds: Irene Pickney on Plato

Free Minds really helped me explore possibilities I didn’t think I had. The professors made me feel like I was capable to do whatever I put my mind to and encouraged...



Voices of Free Minds: Nelson Toala on “The Tempest”

I am a chef at a hotel, and until recently my job just felt like a routine, the same thing over and over. Now I find myself paying more attention to the details,...



Voices of Free Minds: “Rush Hour” by Grace Adams

I said I would never go back to college. It was too hard, too expensive, and I hated it. But this time is totally different. I’m studying English at Austin...


Is the Novel Still Novel?

If you have ever feared that paperbacks will one day serve as vintage wall décor for all the nation’s indie coffee shops, then perhaps you are one of those concerned...

Sept | Oct 2022
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Congress Avenue Ventures

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