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UT Fashion Show Dazzles

A bridal gown for men. A couture version of Marie Antoinette with a gown 4 feet in circumference. Student-athletes stomping it out on the runway. The 2016 UT...


UT Grad Struts the Catwalk on Project Runway

If you see a beautiful blonde on TV tonight who looks like a girl you used to see around campus, there’s a reason why. UT grad (and recent Alcalde cover model)...



From Ranch to Runway

UT’s Textiles and Apparel program has grown 1,000 percent in the past 15 years. Through its fashion show and UT in NYC dream course, the program is launching...


Behind the Scenes With Bevo

As an editor, I hold largely a desk job. Never could I imagine work would have me beaming the sun directly into the eyes of a 2,000-pound steer. When he lowered...

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Congress Avenue Ventures

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