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The Dark Arts

From spoon-bending to séances, an art professor finds inspiration beyond the grave. Something strange happened in a UT art class a few years ago. Professor John...


Boomerang Days: All of Me

A Longhorn does college all over again. Being a Longhorn is all about stepping outside your comfort zone: meeting friends, exploring subjects, posing nude in front...



The Collections

Beyond the galleries, deep behind the closed doors of UT’s hallowed halls, you might stumble upon hidden brains. Or vintage Chanel. Or an eggbeater patented in...


“Slacker” Meets Painting in the Visual Arts Center’s New Exhibits

The Blanton isn’t the only space to see cutting-edge art on campus this fall. Starting tonight, don’t miss the chance to see how rebellion meets art...

Sept | Oct 2022
Congress Avenue Ventures

Congress Avenue Ventures

Blue Bell Ice Cream