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Poll: Majority of Texans Believe Student Debt is a ‘Major Problem’

Most Texans believe student loan debt is a “major problem” according to a statewide poll released Tuesday. The poll, commissioned by the Texas arm of...


Spikes and Booms: The Higher Ed Week in Review

What’s the deal with student loan rates? And have people stopped going to college? Here’s a brief look at what happened this week in higher education. President...


TXEXplainer: The Federal Student Loan Rate Increase

Today a Congressional impasse doubled the interest rate on a key federal student loan—unless the Senate can make a deal to restore the lower rates. What does...


How Does UT Fare on President Obama’s College Scorecard?

In his State of the Union address, the President spoke about college affordability and accountability. We compare UT against its national peer group. On Tuesday...


Why the Cost of College Is Still Well Worth It

In his recent article in Texas Monthly on the University of Texas and Texas A&M, Paul Burka outlined several criticisms leveled by reformers at higher education. Let...

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