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Named Scholarship Dinner Awards $749,625 to UT Students

It’s scholarship dinner season here at the Texas Exes. Three dinners—one each for our chapter scholarships, named/dedicated scholarships, and the Texas...


Barrel-Rolled by a Manta Ray [Watch]

Tourists often snorkel with sea turtles, stingrays, and loads of fish. But rarely does any creature that measures 14 feet across swim up and barrel-roll underneath...


Texas Exes Scholarship Recruiting Goes Virtual

In her role as Texas Exes scholarships coordinator, Kristy Kimball is well-accustomed to making presentations before crowds of prospective students. But today was...


Donors Award $620K in Named Scholarships to 296 Students

Can’t see this slideshow? Click here. Some scholarships honor a marriage; others celebrate a lifelong career. Still others commemorate a loved one lost. Whatever...

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Congress Avenue Ventures

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