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The Inventor

UT physicist John Goodenough changed our lives with his pioneering battery research—and he isn’t done yet. On a Monday morning in March, a thunderstorm is pelting...


President Honors UT’s Bard Once Again

Chemistry professor Allen Bard might just have a fan in Barack Obama. With the announcement that he will share the Enrico Fermi Presidential Award with Berkeley...


UT National Medal of Science Winners Reflect on Their Success

Honored by the President, two UT professors reflect on long scientific careers and what keeps them searching for new discoveries. At most universities, having two...



Great Ideas on Energy: Printed Solar Panels, Lithium-Ion Power

A century ago, The University of Texas was built on energy. Some sources may have changed, but as these brilliant innovations prove, UT is still charging ahead. ...


UT Inventors Honored For World-Changing Creations

Engineering professors John Goodenough and Adam Heller have won significant awards in their long careers. But an award made more significant by coming from those...

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Congress Avenue Ventures

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