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Houston Chapter Talks Entrepreneurship With Bob Metcalfe

Not long ago, Bob Metcalfe—UT professor of innovation, Murchison fellow of free enterprise, and globally renowned startup guru—invited Dell founder Michael...



Jeremi Suri: Lessons From a Fallen Empire

Americans are more innovative than ever, says UT historian Jeremi Suri—but our government isn’t. To ensure future excellence, Suri argues, we must look to...


Boston Chapter Explores Computational Science with ‘Game Changers’

If you can’t bring the Exes to Texas, bring Texas to the Exes. That’s the premise behind Game Changers on the Road, a lecture series that brings some...


Dallas Chapter Delves Into Neuroscience with ‘Game Changers’

Can’t see the slideshow? Click here. Under the chandeliered ceiling of Dallas’ Renaissance Hotel today, the Texas Exes Dallas Chapter played host to...


Research on the Brain: UT Opens New Imaging Center

What if you had a machine so precise that you could peer into the brain of a fruit fly? You could investigate all the underlying factors associated with post-traumatic...


Jeremi Suri: Can America Be Great Again? [Watch]

Jeremi Suri’s game-changing idea: reinvent American greatness by taking a look back into history. Suri, UT professor, author, and historian, holds the Mack...


Longhorn Network Tapes First ‘Game Changer’ John Daly

As the lights dimmed in KLRU’s Studio 6A, you could almost hear the echoes of Austin City Limits performances past. But, instead of the tunes of Steve Earle or...

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