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Former CIA Director and Alumnus John Brennan Joins UT as Distinguished Scholar

In the nearly four decades since he left the Forty Acres, John Brennan, MA ’80, has been a clandestine intelligence analyst, architect of U.S. counterterrorism...


CIA to Release Declassified Documents at LBJ Library

CIA director John O. Brennan, MA ’80, is on the Forty Acres this week for the first-ever release of declassified daily briefings given to presidents John F....



The Weight of the World

The longest war in American history is over, but the mission is not accomplished. Now more than ever, the world needs our country to lead. On Dec. 28, 2014, after...


The Next CIA Director May Be a Longhorn

This afternoon, President Obama is expected to announce his picks for two top national security posts—and one of them is a UT grad. John Brennan, MA ’80, will...

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