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A Longhorn in Rio

Ernie J. Garrido, BJ ’04, Life Member, flashed a hook ’em in Rio de Janeiro while on his way to mass at Copacabana Beach with Pope Francis. The ceremony concluded...


A ’Horn in Rio

Briana Burkhardt, BBA ’00, hooked her horns at the Christ the Redeemer statue overlooking Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  


Jon the Redeemer

Jon Schweinle, BS ’95, Life Member, poses below the famous Christ the Redeemer Statue in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.


Alumnus Hooks ’em on a Cliff in Brazil

Humberto Rodriguez, BA ’08, Life Member, got his horns up in Brazil’s National Park of Chapada Diamantina. He was at the Cachoeira Fumaça (Smoke Waterfall).