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Why We’re Independent

For 96 years, the Ex-Students’ Association of The University of Texas at Austin has stood as an independent nonprofit organization. In that time, the Association...


Everything’s Bigger in Texas (Including Our Hearts)

In the spring of 1917, Texas Governor Pa Ferguson vetoed The University of Texas’ legislative appropriation because then-UT president Robert Vinson refused to...


A New Suit

To kick off our 128th year, Texas Exes gets an updated look. Less than two years ago, this magazine underwent its first design overhaul in more than a decade. When...


A House United

UT in its 129th Year: Better and More Efficient This time last year, not all was content in The University of Texas at Austin community. At his 2011 State of the...


A Medical School Could Change the Game

Institutions, like people, have defining moments. These are times when a decision reverberates in ways that only become clear decades later. The University of Texas...


Alive, Vigilant, Vital

Texas Exes Stand Up for a University of the First Class For 127 years, Texas Exes have served as champions of The University of Texas. On occasion, we have reminded...

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