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Raising the Tail

Jim Allison’s pioneering spirit is pure Texan—and his cancer drug is a global breakthrough.   In 2004, two weeks before her wedding day, 22-year-old Sharon...


Fake Trees, Real Potential

By mimicking a tree’s approach to photosynthesis, the Surface-Adhering Bioreactor grows crops of algae with unheard-of efficiency. Assistant professor of mechanical...


Longhorns Invent 3-D Camera—and Demo It For Obama

It’s not every day you get to show your business concept to the president of the United States. But that’s exactly what two UT engineering students did...


Louis Menand Challenges Humanities Colleagues to ‘Take No Hostages’

The “embattled” humanities were the topic of yesterday’s 2013 Glickman lecture at the Etter-Harbin Alumni Center. Louis Menand, the Pulitzer Prize-winning...


Printing’s Next Dimension

When UT researcher Carl Deckard began developing a way to create 3-D objects by melting powder with lasers, he hoped it would help manufacturers produce quick prototype...


Bubbles Below the Surface

Thanks to humans, the ocean is a noisy place. Pile drivers, seismic tools, sonar, and ships’ engines fill the deep with sounds that can travel vast distances...

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